Saturday 14 July 2012

Spectator Sports On The Deck Of The Titanic (Panem et Circenses)

Sports provide a sublime distraction from the real events of the day. They are of no real consequence other than submission to team hierarchy and competition. There's no substantive returns other than shiny trophies, and for this reason it is pumped by the elite in almost equal media volume to politics in the media. Politics is another divisive narrative that keeps the people bickering while the elites get on with the job of strip mining the planet and stealing from the working classes.

I was challenged about this claim of mine on Twitter and the accuser was unable to provide one example of elite manipulation of our species even though they agreed it was going on. I claim that the reason this person was clueless on the Council on Foreign Relations, neurological programming of the masses, propaganda, fake wars and false flags et al is that they spent too much time watching sport. The irony is bitter to the enlightened mind.

update: My interlocutor provided many examples of political awareness. I was happy to see myself proved wrong though I claim that sports is used as a distraction. Here is an example of their well argued tweets.