Thursday 12 July 2012

Columbine Conspiracy - Tim Binnall interviews William Zabel

Probably one of the best interviews I've ever stumbled across. Tim Binnall is perfect for probing William Zabel's research on the real story behind the Columbine School disaster. There's two of these in the Binnall archive for those who dig this early one (I think). All I can say is throw out your expectations and wait for a NATO General's uniform to pop up as if some elite Satanist international turkey shoot (masked by an an event to promote anti gun laws) took place. 

That aint the half of it. 

An amazing interview that forces the question. What the fuck was Michael Moore doing not raising even a tenth of these issues? Zabel is a master storyteller who adds an extra layer of engagement to an already startling version of events. I've listened to both interviews more times than you would believe and little details come out on each new listen.

Update: I uploaded the later interview too. Yes it's that good.