Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cold Fusion, Cold Fusion (You Just Can't Believe Me, When I Show You What You Cannot See)

The oil industry and power elite have suppressed cold fusion free energy since Tesla because you can't put a meter on free energy and there's no way to divide people over free and unlimited when everyone gets a spoonful. 

However cold fusion exists and is being turned into ECAT heat generation units and a handful of other projects around the world. NASA has rebranded it LENR so that the zombies don't catch on that we've been stitched up through a couple of world wars and have bombed and killed a hundred million or so to keep the competitive gene nicely flexed to profit the power elite.

The oil industry have woken up to cold fusion/LENR and are starting to talk about. I've been doing it for six months but it's OK. I know when the toothpaste is out of the tube. The NSA will have to kill a lot of people to put it back. Too many.

More information over at my cold fusion/free energy blog New Electrics. The implications of free energy and 3D printing 'race to the bottom' costing are nothing short of profound. In the future there will only be a handful of luxury brands. The rest including Apple computers and iPhones will just be printed out for cents on the dollar. You can write poetry or invent time travel in the spare time.