Saturday 14 July 2012

Breaking The North Korean Mind Control of The USA Media - HBO's The Newsroom

There's a seed of something unusual (and possibly divine) in the USA but its just a seed. It's not yet a sapling nor a tree, because if we really dig into the history of the US it has been raping the non European world and inflicting death, destruction and misery through force of arms and propping up its pampered peoples with a media lie that its prosperity comes from only hard work and innovation. Yes they are part of the story but nowhere near the whole picture.

As the smash hit new HBO series The Newsroom articulates. The first step in solving a problem is recognising there is one.

I put it to you that if you need HBO to tell you that you're never going to realise what the real problem is. Just a hunch. It's a nice scene but it stinks of worthy sentimentality that entertainment or a flickering screen is the way out of this mess. Throw your TV out.