Wednesday 22 February 2012

Would The NSA Shut Down The Powergrid To Blame Anonymous?

For the naive the current fossil fuel-oil energy policy is a psychotic earth raping corporate gravy-train that free energy will break the back of. That's a security risk to backbone-infrastructure business of the U.S. perpetual war, central banking model. It's not called big oil for nothing and like Randy says. Big dogs are kept unusually well fed.

The NSA are saying Anonymous will bring down the power grid. Well if it does go down I say it's the NSA and their spook chums who have the most to benefit. How many pig-trough government salaries and pensions on your tab are you paying for on 9800 Savage Road, Fort Meade, Maryland, 20755? Here's the bit above ground that we can see.

Here's NSA chief lizard General Keith B. Alexander doing one of those scary smiles reptilians have trouble imitating us humans. We're naturals. They aint.