Thursday, 23 February 2012

That Wired Article About Obama On Mars? (CHANGE Vs Chang'e 2)

The architectural, parapolitical and mythological evidence that Mars once supported ancient civilizations, is not an issue I reject as either nonsensical or absurd. Logically capitalism says that the most powerful get the best technology and so the number of people who insist that there's a base on Mars, is to my mind worth keeping a sceptical but open mind on. The latest interview by a researcher I trust, didn't work for me as it was too difficult to sift through the discontinuities that come with 'Intelligence' administered MKULTRA or mind control.

When NASA warned everyone off the moon recently with a no fly zone, I thought that added fuel to the fire a real story is being concealed, and so even though I enjoyed the recent video by the Chinese satellite Chang'e 2, I enjoyed the potential irony of Obama's hollow election platform of CHANGE versus the Chinese Space lunar probe, Chang'e 2 manifesting itself through space-photography-leaks, if the video (see above) hasn't been faked.

However, I bashed out a comment on the subject in  a Wired article, that I want to paste here because Lloyd's post is triggering my synchronicity antenna. I think it has a few details that people should consider before rejecting the Wired article just because it seems fantastic. I've no idea if the Obama angle is true but my first sentence from this post still stands. 

Basiago may or may not be telling the truth. What is notable from a traditional, dumbed down journalism perspective (i.e journalism that doesn't pick up the phone and talk to the man like this Wired article) is that Basiago is a Washington State lawyer with five degrees including a Masters in Philosophy from Cambridge. His concrete links to an intelligence background through his father, along with his claims, are not the actions of a white-bread legal career in the United States. 

Couple this with his inability to say anything of interest philosophically and the question to be asked 'Is Basiago COINTELPRO?' His association with Laura Eisenhower granddaughter of 'Military Industrial Complex - Four Star General/President' Eisenhower is a thread also worth doing some active journalism on, instead of cut and paste hackery.

We should also bear in mind that the US government has gone out of it's way over nearly a decade now to extradite Gary McKinnon who unveiled that Project Genesis is a Mars Project, with non-terrestrial officers, collaborating on the project through bases on Mars. 

If he's just a conspiracy theory nut, why is the Pentagon so insistent it wants to prosecute a theory?

My guess is that Basiago (Who admits to memory gaps and is thus likely an MKULTRA victim) has a story with typical intelligence qualities. Thus, some of his story might be the truth and the disinformation is also seeded there too. Don't expect this story to go away either. Clif High's semantic search Webbots have indicated for some time that Basiago will be integral to a time travel story this year - That isn't proof it's supporting circumstantial evidence and worth factoring in.

None of this is science but then science doesn't like to stand up and take the hit for the body counts it produces in Afghanistan through its unconscionable joystick/drone warfare. 

Science can't have it both ways on on integrity.

Basiago also had a memorable spat with Major Ed Dames recently on a nationwide radio talk show call-in. Ed Dames provided remote viewing services to the US military - that's non local quantum methodology for the armchair debunkers out there. To me, this spat adumbrated the well discussed falling out on the fringes of the net between the CIA and the Pentagon. Look at Petraeus' move to Langley for support of this claim. One that some may see as wild but has subsequently manifested more concretely.

Keep an eye on Basiago

The challenge is what is the truth? 

That takes journalism not pseudo sceptic blabber.