Saturday 18 February 2012

Sean Penn Is Right. Only Meat Puppet Paratroopers Will Fight For The Malvinas

You and I don't get to share in the vast resources the Falklands are sitting on, we're the ones who get our hospitals, schools and libraries closed down. The Argentine owned oil that the Malvinas are sitting on will go to the city bankers, elite bloodlines and all the other military industrial complex govcorp toadies who want to send your sons to spill their blood for further elite wealth acquisition.

Surely only a meat puppet would fight to fill the pockets of these wankers? That's all Sean Penn is trying to point out to the jingoistic chauvinist flash mob assembling around the topic.

What about the islanders? Ticket back or change of passport. 

Change is the only constant. Enough killing and being killed on behalf of the elites with their hands on the printing presses. Let them go instead and do the fighting. Ordinary people need to walk away from this one.