Thursday 2 February 2012

The Pentagon's Human Sexual Energy "Research" On Children

Why is it there's always a two star General or above in these dark side of humanity situations where paedophiles are on call to the military to terrify children into sexual fight or flight emotional territory which is then tapped and measured like a commodity

General Schwarz something or other with the gold rimmed glasses? When we catch up with you, even if you're desking it  by now with a civvy street number at the NSA we will pay extra close attention to your case so that other MILAB victims will have the courage to come forward like Sarah Stanga and we can start to clean this mess up.

Hat's off to Miles Johnston (and the Ammach Project) who was pressed for time and apologizes for his multiple questioning in the video information.

Via Randy Maugans

Important Update: Sarah's testimony has been corroborated by Miranda Kelly at Duncan O'Finionan's blog and her testimony supports David Icke's work that Royal Family members including Prince Charles have again been witnessed at Satanic Ritual Abuse events (SRA). I must point out that to date not one of David Icke's allegations including against George Bush, have been taken to court. This speaks loudly is hard to ignore.