Friday 10 February 2012

Mickey Mouse Media Shoots Straight On UFOs

The American elites looked on their German counterparts with great envy as the Nazi propaganda was far superior to their own. In order to cook up another profitable war they needed to motivate the masses to enlist so Walt Disney propaganda cartoons were used. These were so successful that Walt Disney's position was carefully maintained by elite groups who also ensured that all the cartoons adhere to a patriarchal meta-narrative where all mothers are killed. You can verify that for yourself but Disney Mind Control relies on victim evidence and occasional glitches in the matrix like when Britney Spears (a Disney Mouseketeer like many of her peers) broke down and tried to escape her handlers.

Disney is the largest propaganda company on the planet. They make nice cartoons if you can see how the feminine roles are framed to be subservient to patriarchal hierarchies but they are rarely of interest to me other than the mind control of peado pop and movie star celebrities who have no talent.

This is why I don't understand what the agenda is for the Disney UFO documentary above. It's confusing because by and large it is telling the truth and quite skillfully too. I ignored it for so long that when I took a look last night I was quite gob smacked. The TV series it appeared in was hastily pulled shortly after this was shown and so we can only assume it slipped through the cracks or is a plausible denial for the future.

Either way it's a must see on the subject and yes. It's made by Disney.