Friday, 17 February 2012

Ron Paul On George Bush & CIA Drug Dealing

Ron Paul on what's the point of having a select committee chaired by John Kerry looking into Bush family drug dealing when both Kerry and Bush were secret society members of Skull and Bones at Yale?

Should they be rounded up and shot at dawn for scratching each other's back while pretending to run against each other at election time?

Or take it back further when Grand Pappy Prescott Bush was funding the Nazis. I pay attention when Robert Phoenix says keep an eye out for Jeb Bush becoming the frontrunner at this coming GOP convention. Bloodlines still run the joint and that's a tag worth spending sometime with either here or anywhere else.

This is not a partisan thing. After becoming acquainted with this information it becomes increasingly credible that Bill Clinton's record for moving a lot of drugs through Arkansas (with Bush connection help) is worth examining.