Saturday 25 February 2012

Douglas Dietrich - Revelatory History - Part Four

On the quiet and with little fanfare in the alternative research cat fight community Douglas Dietrich is straightening us out with quintessential military industrial complex secrets. In this last part for example we learn that the Foo Fighters were guided magnesium lights that the Nazi's managed to hoodwink the clueless British Army Generals into believing were UFO's. He also shares how Churchill scoffed at inner Earth missions by the Nazis in Tibet and how they discovered the subterranean world (Shambala) that raise hundreds more questions. I've learned with Douglas that he needs a few hours to square away the past and I can't wait to find out why the Chinese have kept subterranean Tibet quiet or what happened to the Germans on that occasion. It's blow away stuff.

My guess (and we were but are no longer friends on Facebook) is that Douglas has got a lot more to share and I don't think the military are completely hands-off. Maybe even giving him permission. His revelations are just too explosive.