Tuesday 21 February 2012

Bill Brockbrader - Evidence & Testimony Of Integrity

There's a grey area where I'm unsure how reliable the information I'm being given by video testimonial is. Outside of that narrowing gap  I can often spot the bullshitters but more importantly I feel increasingly confident to trust my instincts. My first few minutes with Bill Brockbrader (nee Woods) were shaky but I stuck it out and by the end I was convinced that despite being subjected to mind manipulation by the Pentagon the broad thrust of his testimony was both reliable and valuable information.

Since his whistle blowing appearance where he informed us that Navy Seals are being encouraged to commit sexual crimes in the US and abroad, so as to blackmail them to commit war crimes later including radicalizing Islamic youth by bombing innocent muslim villages in Iraq during peace time.

Bill has been under constant attack of misinformation, by disinformation and has even been thrown under a bus by the no longer reliable Kerry Cassidy. However it's my pleasure to stand by him during these times and I applaud  Randy Maugan's digging deep into the subject of those who attack him in on his blog. There's so much more to Bill than just the Navy Seals story including the looking glass testimony and Area 51 secrets.

It's tock tock tick tock for the military snakes that brutalise young people and trash their lives at home and abroad. Time is running out.

Bill Brockbrader Mind Control 101

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