Monday 16 January 2012

Why Are The Royal Family Crypto-Crazy About Crop Circles & UFO's?

The short answer is it's one of the few occult (hidden) topics they have just as much knowledge as the man on the street, and it disturbs them to lose control or be in the know, no more than you or I. It's very revealing of their control freakery, most of which is concealed in royal public life.

Colin Andrews actually spilled more about the Royal, Prince Charles connection in the Veritas interview last week but this Red Ice expose is just as excellent for spilling the beans on military shill Nick Pope who is taking a salary from the army in the form of a pension and is leeching off the UFO talk circuit and playing the misinformation and disinformation game. Colin lays it square in this interview and the only question you need to ask yourself is why does my government lie and lie and lie and lie.