Saturday 7 January 2012

Wag The Dog - HollyWeird™, CIA Propaganda Movies, Crisis Actors & Staged Incidents

Update: When I first wrote this post, obvious CIA movies like Zero Dark Thirty and Argo were less evident. We now know that the media are colluding with Homeland (National) Security type parasites to do staged events with proven crisis actors and invented dead bodies

This is a great movie but it's also more accurate than I could ever have imagined.

If you like your political commentary humorous I've just watched for the first time, Wag The Dog. Despite the gravity of the subject Dustin Hoffman's irrepressible Hollywood producer character made me laugh quite a few times with memorable lines such as 'it's all a change of wardrobe'.

Set in the 90's the movie eclipses domestic events when Clinton was bombing essential medicine factories in the Sudan to distract from sexual scandal at home. This war  crime act was responsible for destroying 50% of Sudanese medicines and 90% of critical drugs which killed thousands upon thousands of babies, the elderly and the the sick. Wag The Dog also needs a diversion abroad and so the U.S. picks on Albania as a new "Terror threat" with a suitcase bomb. This was before 9/11 and the accuracy of how the media is used to hypnotize us all into demonizing the enemy is extraordinary. The genius of the movie is it makes us laugh and think at the same time. Hoffman's performance is unbeatable. When he's good he's really good.

There are lots of torrents available to watch this movie through this and other search engine findings. There's a song rustled up during the movie to keep sentiment high. It's extraordinary how close it is to what was later produced at the 9/11 NY Charity Rock Concert. People should be angry about how they were duped but I don't think most can handle the truth so that obligation will be forced on them at some point.

Update: At the end of the movie the new terrorist group is called the Albania Terrorist Group. I'm struck how close this sounds to Al Qaeda and wonder if this was deliberate given the movie is pre 9/11.