Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Randy Maugans & James Martinez - Electronic Money, Digital Subversion & Hollywood's Run For Cover Stance On Palestine

Two very experienced researchers on the subject of mass media and individual mind control. Hats off to James Martinez for reminding us not one Hollywood celebrity has stood up for Palestine. Well those days are coming to an end and the world's largest prison camp cannot stand forever.

Here's the blurb from Information Machine:

James Martinez is the world’s first talk show host to uncover the truth about banking while offering remedy to people all over the world. To date his work has cancelled over $730 million of consumer debt, and empowered people to take back their power. Along with his co-hosts, Bob Neveritt, Dr. Carolyn Dean, and iON, he has pushed the boundaries of media and human consciousness by imploding the prevaling memes and embeds.

This conversation came about after James' two-pronged announcements of the pending release of commercial cold fusion and the new global economic structure on January 1, 2012. These two announcements---taken on their sheer potential magnitude---demanded examination, as well as a glimpse into the spokesman's own mind and work.

At this time, James has stated that no further comments or information are available on the global economic restructuring, but  that information will come in the opportune days ahead. All other subjects were open...and we "go there": Walter Bowart, Marshall McLuhan, the Hollywood mind screw, consciousness-raising, "becoming gods", and the energy revolution that upturns the world.

As with any conversation, listen carefully...more than once. There are powerful messages embedded in the nuances.

My thanks to James for this generous and enlightening talk, through him I was able to touch two of my heroes!
 Dedicated to the memory of Walter Bowart and Marshall McLuhan. ~Randy Maugans