Sunday 22 January 2012

The Prologue To Anthony Forword

I wrote the following comment on Duncan O'Finionan's blog because we all owe him a debt of reciprocity, gratitude and respect. Without Duncan I would never have examined closely what MKULTRA really is once the novelty headline subsides. I nearly missed its importance as a tool for State assassinations, unpaid sex workers for bribing D.C politicians and lobbyists, super soldier programs, sleeper cells, you name the problem, If it needs an identity switch on mission completion then MKULTRA washes whiter than white.

When we've isolated these small groups of psychopaths that dominate our elite institutions we will need a truth and reconciliation process for the history we're not adult enough to face up to without guided approval. I will take a close interest in that matter but in the mean time here's that comment I wrote:

I can tell from the Anthony Forword's opening weasel words he's a douchebag well versed in weasel word craft. (Note to Americans. UK douchebaggery is a lot less offensive. It's friendly criticism)

He writes to Duncan:

" I don’t have an opinion on your claims one way or the other"

Anthony Forwood immediately loses a golden opportunity here to remain silent and prove his claim to neutrality. However to compound his already plummeting reputation, he also instantaneously shreds his professional credibility as an author by writing at length the opposite of what he means and the reverse of what he believes. This is a tendency not uncommon with those who have an unduly high regard for themselves coupled with a wish to rise above the vanity press circuit without the skills to source original material of their own. Instead a smear book appeals to the least able writers and their largely least equipped to discern the difference readers.

Fortunately the likes of Anthony Forwood are diminishing in numbers as is the frequency of literary poison attacks. The sales volumes are down as the long-tail effect works its way through the alternative research genre. The kind of shadow institutions looking to discredit Duncan's powerful story can no longer rely on cooked up sales data for credibility. I'm not saying that's the story here. I'm saying don/t even think about it.

What kind of naivete thinks a fully documented and scholarly account of Duncan's history is missing here? That kind of narrative fascism is the reason why we've been so deceived by the institutions that pretend they protect us while shafting us with an education designed to train obedience free of challenge. 

Duncan's words shared in the spirit of enlightenment and coming from the heart is a different universe to the appalling letter by Anthony Forwood.

My view is that Duncan, Miranda and Dave and any MKULTRA survivor can amend any facts they wish, as many times as they wish because to demand otherwise is to lose sight of the essence of the grave injustice they have suffered and for which I stand by them as a fellow human beings. It's not only reasonable to expect this but madness to pursue otherwise. it's transmedia story telling across alter personalities. The people who know most of the linear narrative are so venal and amoral we have to assemble the jigsaw by our own means.

Anthony Forwood's odious letter is offensive to my sensibility. This type of nauseous character is parading as a person of amiable inquiry when the agenda is ostensibly a vehicle to sell books and/or wider disinformation/misinformation character attacks..

Before the internet many a good reputation was ruined by this genre of opportunism. It would be unwise for Anthony Forwood to pursue any obsolete literary vehicles for anything other than words of the highest integrity and originality. 

If he hasn't got anything good to say. A period of silence on his part would be most welcome.