Sunday 8 January 2012

Nick Redfern - Magic Ritual, Rocket Mavericks & UFO's

Even if the NASA, UFO connection was limited to Jack Parsons of Jet Propulsion fame that would be enough WTF to write a few books. However if we factor in the Maury Island UFO Incident (and its nested connections to the Kennedy coup d'etat), that tips the subject over into super woo territory. Nick Redfern cranks that up to new super-woo high-strangeness altitudes with his book Final Events about the officially funded (but private think tank UFO investigation) The Collins Elite.

I don't buy Jack Parson's story for sharing rocket propulsion documentation with Israel and furthermore I don't understand what his incentive is given Israel's nascent status. But then we're dealing with an occult dabbler here and maybe he saw the ascent of Israel long before anyone else.