Wednesday 11 January 2012

New Electrics - The Magic Of Mr Rossi & Death Of Thermodynamics

These are very exciting times we live in. Cold fusion energy is on the horizon and there are lots more innovators who are going to come out into the open after a century or so of technological suppression that began with Nikola Tesla.

The corporate for-profit-media are overwhelmingly unable to report this in an objective manner as free energy goes to the heart of the weakness of consumer capitalism which is that new electrics change everything and charge nothing. I say everything again because as I wrote last year (knowing this was coming up) there's no need for brands

This is self evident if you think this through from a logical progression perspective instead of the brief anomaly of history called brands that lasted less than the duration of wig wearing.

I love saying New Electrics because I know that's the word the energy cabal search utilities pick up and freak out over. 

NB - Observers of Webbots will note that patent application obstruction will be the way the energy cabal tries to slow this down but it's too late. This is a juggernaut and the toothpaste is out the tube.