Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Marshall Vian Summers - Allies Of Humanity

Interviews like this would be more bearable without the interviewer's compulsion to point out her Camelot blessing and approval in a manner more familiar to Popes and Royalty. However just because there's an ego problem and a poor interviewing technique doesn't mean there isn't valuable information available in this interview.

Something about Marshall Vian Summers tells me that his warning, like many others from Charles Fort to Sir Fred Hoyle that we are a proxy managed planet is probably the best explanation for the divide and rule sentiment played out by elite structures on our planet against us human beings. In short we're cattle and there's a lot of evidence to back this up.

However there's something I didn't feel comfortable with during his fascinating talk and being a bit rubbish at remembering I've forgotten what exactly. I'll try to catch up on his other talks and see if I remember. It's well worth watching, despite the interviewer who is setting herself up for a fall. It seems American alternative researchers with a fondness for the camera simply can't help themselves.

Marshall Vian Summers says one thing about the universe that I've heard explained elsewhere in progressive science and esoteric circles. He says that the universe as an entity or being is intelligent and that nobody can hack it's operating system. He also gives an explanation for why civilisations that are over reliant on technology and scientific materialism are at a disadvantage to those that like nature worship frugality and cleverness over wires and depleted resource extraction from planets.

There's a good summary of allies of humanity over here.