Monday 16 January 2012

Crying With The Onion

Sometimes humour isn't there to entertain us it's there to facilitate bearing the unbearable. What might not be obvious to the amused observer is how fake the presenters and the commercial breaks are to the person who doesn't watch Television. 

Should we really be laughing at the blowback of a music factory churning out the least desirable role models for our children possible? From the presenters to the celebrities to the commercials. Television is diseased.

All of this becomes extraordinarily crystal clear once TV is rejected in a persons life. I'd rather have a vagrant opposite me than listen to someone else's profit agenda spewing out. At least the vagrant is real.

Regrettably the only way that the United States can comment on the Western consumer models' sickness is with humour. The Onion, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are pretty much the only serious cultural commentary on commercialised politics, commercialised art and commercialised wars and one gets the impression that because it can only be tackled with comedy that many don't know how to take it seriously.