Sunday 22 January 2012

John Lash Crew Notes #15

Erotic Shock

But what actually happens to sentient life on the earth if Gaia the planetary mother animal goes into throes of auto-erotic excitation? In 2012, humanity as a whole is due to undergo a near-death experience from which some of the species will be reanimated by the force of Eros. You can quote me on that.

Here's the full text:

CN # 15: Review and Preview of GNE
January 21, 2012

Greetings Crew!

In my previous notes -- designated 14 ½  by allusion to Fellini's magnificent film about finding the inner child, 8 ½ -- I noted the two challenges I initially proposed, to be undertaken in our group experiment of shared imagination: namely, to discover the initial conditions of the divine experiment underway on this planet, and to realize the pact Sophia made with the Anthropos when she dreamed this experiment -- "preemptively," as it were -- in the Pleroma, before her plunge. I indicated that the pattern of apogee surges in the FISHES, with  M 31 (the ANDROMEDA galaxy) above and CETUS below, present a timeframe for tracking the recapitulation of the Wisdom Goddess.  As she recalls those two factors, we can also realize what they are by tracking her recapitulation in real time, using the faculty of the second attention,  true imagination.

You may recall that I anticipated the moment of recall to culminate from December 15, coming out of the apogee stall in the belly of CETUS, into mid-January. So what's up? Has what I proposed come to pass? It's going now on a week since January 15.  What can the nav, speaking in his role as terton, report on his own experience of tracking divine memory? After all, it was I who set up the expectation that by this time in correction those two momentous factors would fall into place. And I did so with the implication that I principally would accomplish the act of retrieval. So how does it turn out now? Can the terton deliver on this promise?

As I have said all along, this is a collaborative venture. I count on your comments, intuitions, dreams, and insights.  If you stay within the framework of the Sophianic vision story, choosing the true imagination to guide you, any one of you can pick up significant details of Sophia's recall process. But to see the entire recapitulation in a coherent way requires telestic practice, of course.  You can't do it in an ordinary state. It has to be realized and learned in trance.

I need to say more about trance and how to attain it... Thomas recently nudged me on that point. Will do in upcoming notes and talks. For right now with these notes I am offering a review and preview of the Gaian Navigation Experiment, including a spoken commentary that will be accessible on As for what comes next, well...

First Telestic Session 2012

CN #16 (now in the works) has the title "Initial Conditions of This Divine Experiment." It also comes with a verbal commentary. It is easier to describe the initial conditions, recalled by Gaia-Sophia and captured by the terton in telestic trance,  in verbal form, as writing it all down would be quite tedious. Eventually it has to be written down, of course... But at this crucial point in correction, the practice allows for restoration of missing parts of the nine-episode vision story. Specifically, that part between episodes three and four when the Aeon Sophia, dreaming in the Pleroma, set the initial conditions for an experiment which she uniquely and unilaterally  previsioned. I can tell you right now that the missing parts of the narrative are massive and immensely rich in detail, nuance, and cosmic perspective. This is a huge part of the sacred narrative and it carries the vivid disclosure of cosmic activities among the Aeons. You can see how true it is when you realize what it enables you to understand about the world today, even about the situation of planet earth viewed in a larger galactic perspective.

I am thrilled to have recovered this material during a telestic session that doubled as a divinatory rite. Such rites are usually undertaken in the 5 days of the waning phase of the moon, the completion of a dakini shift. The practice involves close observation of the lunar crescent before sunrise, the lefthanded crescent. I undertook this practice just after the hinge of Mahakali, thursday - friday, January 19-20, when the moon rose before dawn in the body of the SCORPION. Not at the stinger but in the lower torso, around 20 Sagittarius or 260 ecliptic longitude. High over head was the LION with the red planet mars clearly visible in the loins. And to the east, saturn neck in neck with Spica in the VIRGIN. Orion was setting toward the West. Such was the setting of the divinatory ritual.

This setting recalls a moment pictured in Greek myth: when Artemis, the earth goddess who protected the animals of the Gaian habitat, sent the scorpion to kill the hunter Orion because he had exceeded his quota of prey. Reflect on that image.

The telestic practice of that moment fell three days after the limit date of January 15, the date that I had set for Sophia's recall in real time of her pact, signified by the alignment of the lunar apogee to M 31. Remember! I set up the expectation that by January 15 those two mission components would be revealed. And three days later, it came true. In a most deliciously lavish manner, if I may say so. Additional to capturing the initial conditions of the divine experiment she dreamed for us, came almost total and lucid recall of the conditions of the pact. Both components came in one download, one session of divine mathesis or telestic instruction.

For the Maine terton this was rather a new experience. I was not taking instruction directly from the Organic Light, as usually happens in telestic trance. Rather, I was tracking her memory process in real time, a different sort of operation, shamanically speaking. What I found was that to do so involved a different kind of trance attention, a lighter trance. No the deep trance I have described in certain passages of Severed Rose, but a kind of skimming trance with emphasis on auditory and tonal signals, rather than on intense visual immersion in the Organic Light.

To my delight I found that the light trance, of what I might call borderline trance, allowed me elicit material and retain it exceptionally well, by contrast to the deep trance in which the shaman always has to accept the loss of content drawn from the Nagual which cannot be retained in an ordinary state.

"Wisdom has no memory." This is a gnostic saying that refers to telestic illumination gained from the wellspring of the Organic Light, the primary substance body of Sophia. The wisdom so gained has no memory. It cannot be retained in the manner of ordinary memory contents.

You can see how you would not understand the saying, and would read it wrongly, without direct access to the experience.

My report on the results of the January 19-20 session comes in two parts, first, the initial conditions of the current experiment (CN #16) and then the specific terms of the pact she made, for she did indeed conceive our current experiment as an intervention scenario, or "avataric descent" (CN#17). When you know the initial conditions you also realize why, obviously, the experiment had to require an intervention scenario. Standard procedure for an Aeon, as it were.

Or, as Jan Kerouac would say with the mischievous glint of a mad scientist in her eye, "standard proceedcake."

Planetary Setup

We enter now into a phase of intense activity in this experiment, if you are willing, and it if is your pleasure. The nav will be presenting some new navigational parameters, including  specific graphics on the interaction of jupiter and the lunar apogee, the role of saturn as the lightship, and the role of mars which would now appear to come into play as mars commences a long retrograde loop in the LION: January 25, under the Matangi shift. So, it would appear that all three planets beyond the earth, out to the proper limits of the archontic celestial mechanism, are involved in correction and used for Gaia's purposes. Until now, she has not used or involved mars. The fact that she can now do so signifies a remarkable advance in her process of sovereign activity, self-propulsion and self-navigation.

The planets beyond saturn do not belong to the solar system proper, as it was initially formed by archontic powers and the Demiurge. The three trans-saturnian planets, uranus, neptune, and pluto, are not proper members of the archontic stereoma; rather they are something like probes sent into the system for monitoring purposes.

As for the intra-terrestrials, mercury and venus, they have no significant role in how Sophia sets the initial conditions of correction but may become significant  for close scrutiny of her self-navigation activities in post-correction.

You may well wonder how these archontic planets that capture the earth in an alien frame of celestial mechanics may serve Sophia in correction. Well, correction does not merely require her breaking free of capture but also of using the systemic components of celestial mechanics for her own purposes. Like a tantrika, she "turns" the negative or compelling or enslaving conditions to her intention.

Sound Effects

Finally, before referring you to the accompanying audio commentary, a review and preview of the GNE, I want to mention the dramatic occurrence of strange sounds across the planet that has been noted in this crucial moment, mid-January. Not timed to an apogee or perigee surge, but interestingly perhaps, right between the two:

Apogee surge 28 Aries (M31 alignment) January 3 -- perigee surge16 Scorpio January 17, right pan of SCALES (2nd or 4 hits in the right pan). Halfway between these moments is January 12 when the crescendo of these sounds appears to have been noted in several places around the world.

First of all, I have to say that not all these recordings are trustworthy, and some may be faked. The internet is the Disneyland of hoaxers. However, I am convinced that most of the recorded effects are real and come from the interaction of the living planet with currents in the galactic arm, as well as eruptions from the solid core of the earth itself /The latter are not merely seismic -- though we have plenty of those lately --  but involve another type of energy,  call it "Shiva force." This is a kind of an ELF-type wave emanating from the core of the earth, which warps and stresses the BEMA, the bio-electric-magnetic aura of the planet. It resembles the Chladni effects,  geometric patterns taking form in sand pread on a plate that vibrates to a musical note or tone. It can occur as a uniform hum -- which has been reported for over two decades now, in Taos New Mexico, for instance. Of course, ELF waves produced by human-made devices can also mimic this effect; but it would be erroneous, I belive, to attribute the "Taos hum" and other similar effects to military operations.

So, these sounds thaty broke out dramantically in January are a combination of external stress on the mother ship as she undertakes her own navigation, and internal stress on the hulk of the planetary vessel, erupting from within the core.

The fact that such stresses now become audible is reasonable and expectable. This would be a phenomenon that happens normally on a planet in self-propulsion and would be detected by sentient life forms on board. These auditory phenomena characterize the first stage of correction. I would venture to say that the final stage or correction, sailing into spring 2014, would demonstrate a corresponding set of phenomena of a visual type, rippling banded lights in the sky: Saint Elmo's fire flashing in the rigging of the mother ship.

You can read a vivid description of Saint Elmo's fire (long associated by sailors with the head stars of the TWINS, Castor and Pollux) in Melville's Moby Dick. As I have noted before, Melville's literary mythmaking is a precursor of the coming oceanic myth, the future vision of the earth in correction. This navigation experiment belongs to the genre of oceanic mythology.

Berkeland currents, as they are called, also cause the Aurora Borealis. Their discovery is a terrific story that might engage you. I have not been able to read a book or hardly anything else for almost a year now. Just can't concentrate for more than a paragraph or two before my attention strays -- one reason why I don't read the forum. I can't hold my mind on the material long enough, and the linear layout of the medium itself tries my patience (of which I have precious little) ... sorry, folks. But I did just barely manage to get halfway through a book recently: The Northern Lights by Lucy Jago, an account of the life and work of Norwegian scientist Christian Berkeland. A fantastic adventure story and beautifully written. Jago explains how Berkeland ascertained that the Northern Lights are due to disturbances in the electromagnetic field of the earth caused or incited by the sun, specifically the instreaming of electrically charged cathode rays.

Note that the auroral lights are a property of the earth's atmosphere that manifests when it becomes excited by solar emissions. Which does not preclude the possibility that the planet itself could generate the same effects --  say, by a process of self-excitation. By an auto-erotic action? Which indeed is what I expect to manifest at the completion of the initial conditions of correction in spring 2014.

Erotic Shock

But what actually happens to sentint life on the earth if Gaia the planetary mother animal goes into throes of auto-erotic excitation? In 2012, humanity as a whole is due to undergo a near-death experience from which some of the species will be reanimated by the force of Eros. You can quote me on that.

"In order to investigate nature, we must literally love the object of our investigation. In the language of orgone biophysics, we must have direct and undisturbed orgonotic contact with the object of our investigation.... Sensation is the greatest mystery of natural science." Wilhelm Reich, Ether, God, and Devil

In preparation for what's to come, I suggest as homework re-reading Coco de Mer 2: The Shock of the Beautiful. Or just the following excerpt:

To humanity Sophia imparts the germ of nous, spiritual mind. This is our wisdom endowment, the intuitive intelligence of the heart that enables us to know what it means to be human. Sophia imparts a special power to the earth, as well as to humanity (Anthropos in Gnostic terminology). The fact that She becomes embodied in the earth does not mean that all Her force is exhausted in telluric physics. As an Aeon, She is greater than any planet. Her deific power remains in excess of its physical manifestation. In short, Sophia is able to imbue the physical Earth with supernatural properties. The most potent and pervasive of these properties is Eros as described in codices II, 5 and XIII, 2 (On the Origin of the World, found in two versions in the Nag Hammadi cache):

"The earth was purified on account of the blood of the virgin (parthenos). But most of all, the water was purified through the likeness of the Pistis Sophia, who had appeared to the prime parent in the waters... Out of that first blood, Eros appeared, being androgynous. His masculinity is Himeros, being fire from light. His femininity, innate to him as well, is the soul of blood, the solution of the Pronoia... He is very lovely in his beauty, having charm beyond all the creatures of chaos. Then all the gods and their angels, when they beheld Eros, became enamored. And appearing in all of them Eros set them ablaze..." (NHL II, 5, 108.25 - 109.25)

Here again is a fragment of Gaian creation myth, an account of formative events framed in mystical and symbolic language. It would take too long to translate the passage line for line, but let's note that "the blood of the virgin" readily suggests volcanic magma, present from the earliest formation of the terrestrial globe. "The water purified through the likeness of the Pistis Sophia" may be mythic shorthand for the purge of oxygen from the primordial seas. This momentous event occurred over a 400-million-year stretch of time from 2.2 billion to 1.8 billion years ago. In the Archean period preceding this event, the oxygen associated with the forming earth was locked deep in the oceans. There was hardly any oxygen in the open atmosphere at all. Due to the action of a microscopic entity, the cynobacterium known as blue-green algae, oxygen was massively purged from the ocean and shifted into the atmosphere. The algae catalyst "swarmed in the photic zone, the region illuminated and irradiated by the sun and extending to no more than 100 hundred meters below the ocean surface." (Lynn Margulis, What is Life?, p. 105)

As a result of this massive shift, photosynthesis was possible, and life on earth entered its most lavishly productive phase, which persists to this day.
How does this activity indicate an effect of "the likeness of the Sophia?" Well, the action occurring in the photic zone of the ocean was bacterial, and confined to an ultra-thin layer of the primordial seas, but the effect of the sun interacting with the algae in this layer was similar to the growth of a culture in a petri dish. Let's recall that Aeons are hyper-porous, mass-free currents with autopoetic powers, and as such the mere presence of an Aeon in a field of atomic matter confers order upon chaos. The "likeness of the Sophia" was her autopoetic effect, a mirroring of Her form, for cynobacteria were the first life-forms to emerge as a direct reflection of Sophia's own life-force.

Flame to Flame
To enter imaginally into the Gnostic vision of the Fallen Sophia, we must conceive that the Aeon is forming into the earth, and forming the earth, at the same time. She is the dancer and the dance. The part of Sophia that remains an Aeon, mass-free and non-devolved, impresses its life-force into the materializing earth. One could say that with Sophia Her soul defines Her body. The Coptic texts and polemics make this distinction by using "Achamoth" for the part of the Aeon that materializes. (In some versions of the myth, Sophia does not entirely depart from the Pleroma, but a part of Her "substance" extrudes and materializes. I have chosen to follow the versions in which Sophia is entirely externalized.)

The bisexuality of Eros recalls the Tibetan yab-yum and mythic intuitions of the sexes associated with the Coco de Mer. Both genders of Eros are described in vivid ways: the masculine (electrical) aspect is "fire from light," and feminine (magnetic) aspect is "the soul of blood." Here the Gnostic cosmology refers to human biological features which are coeval with terrestrial events. "Fire from light" is the electrochemical component in the human organism, the hidden fire compressed in the lightning-like spinal current of Kundalini. The "soul of blood" is plasma, the watery component of our blood, yet because the blood carries iron, this watery component is charged with magnetism (desire).

The interplay of the two genders of Eros ("fire from light," the male, and "the soul of blood," the female) generates the soul-life of humanity: "And the first soul (psyche) loved Eros, who was merged with her, and she poured her blood upon him and the earth." (111.5-15) As the Gnostics saw it, human blood was formed coevally with complimentary elements in the planetary body. Earth and psyche, body and soul, co-evolve together from the earliest stages of life on earth.

Orig. World describes how Eros pervades the physical world: "Just as from a single lamp many lamps are lit, and one and the same light is there, but the lamp is not diminished. And in this way Eros came to permeate all the beings created from chaos, and was not diminished." (109: 10 - 15) Here Gnostic emanationism makes a perfect match with Tantric cosmology. Woodruffe explains that at "every stage of the emanation-process prior to real evolution (sensuous and physical processes)," Shakti, the supreme mothering power, "remains what it is," whilst ever producing new features of evolution. He specifies:

"In Parinama or Evolution as it is known to us on this plane, when one thing is evolved into another, it ceases to be what it is. Thus when milk is changed into curd, it ceases to be milk. The evolution from Shiva-Shakti of the pure Tattvas is not of this kind... It is a process in which one flame springs from another flame. Hence it is called "Flame to Flame." There is a second flame but the first from which it comes is unexhausted and still there (Shakti and Shakta, p. 180.)"
Shiva-Shakti" is the Divine Parent, paired Aeons. Tattvas are emanational stages in Hundu Tantric cosmology. The gnostikoi called them hypostases, down-scalings. Parinama is the equivalent of dreaming, rather than the presumed linear Darwinian-style evolution.

Now imagine that we have a force in us, a kind of alternating current that plays between the blood and the nervous system; hence it carries a rhythm, directly sensed in the pulsing of the blood, and an electrical charge, an internal buzz of excitement. These are, physiologically speaking, the gender functions (masculine and feminine energies) of Eros incorporated into our bodies. Yet imagine as well that the Erotic components installed in our organism do not operate self-referentially, as if in an empty field. On Earth, we are immersed in an immense sea of electromagnetism, the macrocosmic counterpart to the bipolar Erotic forces locked into our body structure. Tantrics teach that Kundalini exists in two forms: it assumes a compressed form in the human body, and a telluric form, Maha-Kundala, the massive "serpent power" of the earth. (The suffix -ini, like "eeny-weeny," means"small, miniscule.")

The Erotic charge in our bodies is imparted by the electro-magnetic field of the earth and responds to it, constantly. We are not given a limited dose of Eros and then left to our own devices, helpless to do anything as it gets used up and finally runs out. We are continually resupplied. Eros never runs out because the flame-to-flame dynamic permits constant renewal, orrecharge. It does run down, however, if we are not consciously receptive to the process. Just think of a certain kind of excitement you can feel that becomes more charged the more you express it. This is the euphoric hit of Eros. It operates flame-by-flame. Erotic euphoria is not diminished by imparting or sharing it, but by our closing ourselves off to receive it in the first place.

In other words, by shutting down the sweet blaze of the Erotic.

Audio File
This evening,  I sending out these notes and by the new moon on monday January 23, marking completion of the MahaKail shift, the mp3 file that goes with them will go to Stan to be posted on When he tells me it's up I'll pass the word on to you. This allows some time for you to read and reflect on these notes before listening to the audio commentary that accompanies them.

Clear sailing and safe passage to all,

your nav

PS SOS for assistance: I need a Word format document listing the titles and dates of the 15 sets of crew notes sent out so far. I can keep track of correction. Just barely, mamacita. What is more difficult at moments is keeping track of myself keeping track of correction! Any volunteers? J.