Saturday, 14 January 2012

2012 Mayan iPhone Ringtone Interrupts New York Philharmonic Performance

Synchromystics wont be struggling to pull a meaningful silk thread of narrative out of the story that a customer at the New York Philharmonic refused to turn off their iPhone Marimba tone ringing during a performance of Mahler's most spiritual and peaceful 9th symphony.

Yuppies will call it irony however I prefer the term synchromysticism to describe that during the final 9th wave of the Mayan calendar the me me me iPhone meme culture interrupted Mahlers last ever 9th symphony in the finale movement that is considered a celebration of mother Earth and nature. It was never heard by Mahler himself who died before getting the chance.

The Marimba is an instrument of Mayan origin. The cell ringtone of this instrument on an iPhone forced the conductor to stop. Even with shouts from the audience the person responsible tried to pretend it wasn't their phone which to me is all you need to know about the "pretend something doesn't exist" culture of fin de siecle consumer capitalism as the final wave washes over the deck of the Kali-Yuga Age-of-Iron Titanic.  Look how ABC news treats the story. I feel ill every time I see this fake news faux reportage on US media clips these days. It reeks of smug deception as they segue from grinning light-entertainment mild disdain at home, to sober outrage of middle East war drum propaganda drumming for the military industrial complexes next conflict in the middle East.; It is a sickness and it is paid for with commercials.

The New York times article is more reality based here.

Hat tip to George who is well worth reading as the US plummets into a self absorbed vortex of perpetual war abroad and corn-syrup plasma-screen type-two diabetes awesomeness at home.