Sunday, 11 December 2011

The War On A Couple Of Cocktails In The Evening

Janus Forum - Should the US Legalize Drugs? from Brown University on Vimeo.

The contrast between speakers and points of view is in so many ways about so much more than drug legalisation and almost defines the difference between someone who knows and someone who knows best; between someone who has a passion and someone who has a job; between someone who wants to chop wood and someone with an axe to grind. (Via Vimeo user Moongold)

Glen Greenwald shreds the former U.S. Drugs Ceaser erm I mean Czar (John Walters) over every single aspect of the topic including the private profit aims of the war on drugs. Chillingly the war on drugs in Washington D.C. fronted by big pharma and has an army of perma-tanned lobbyists that fight tooth and nail to keep the privatised prison business brimming with dark skinned people to maintain the status quo in as stable and profitable a manner as possible. 

This excellent debate isn't just about drugs, it's about a bent system with all the media power in the world to pretend it's about caring for people when the reality is that domestically and internationally the U.S. is the biggest dealer in drugs period.

The current Drugs Czar even says unashamedly that  young people should be proud of  attempts by the U.S. government to spread democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Such is the incentive of his government pension to pursue his retirement plans in an holographic universe funded by holographic money. The delusion is sickening.