Sunday 26 August 2012

Stanley Kubrick's Front Screen Projection Of The Faked Moon Landing (Kubrick's Odyssey)

As if  Universe knows I just got shafted on my Youtube account some random (not me) has uploaded Jay Weidner's recently released secret-spilling documentary "Kubrick's Odyssey" to Youtube. It was only released this year and reveals a film-makers eye on Kubricks exposure to the secrets of the 20th century. This film will probably get pulled so try to watch it  before it goes.

The documentary is twenty times more explosive than the mockumentary CIA number which is confusing. Jay lays it all out for you here. Just hold judgement for a hour (or more) before you make your mind up.

Personal note to Jay: I've plugged your documentary a hundred times with links to your site where people can buy the movie but in light of my recent news I hope you'll be OK with this post.