Monday, 26 December 2011

Occult Symbolism In The Thrive Movie Poster Answered

The internet publicity outcry over the movie posters for Thrive have been at better marketing than the movie/documentary itself. Without seeing the posters I watched the documentary made by Kimberly & Foster Gamble of the Proctor & Gamble family on recommendation from a trusted source and was very impressed with the production. In a nutshell it covers so much ground that usually blows peoples neural circuits too early with information overload, but it does so in a lighter, more gentle way so that a big picture floating balloon view can be taken in for the person too busy to absorb too many ideas at once.

However the 'all seeing eye' is a sensitive subject given it's use in the celebrity conditioning business. Here's a small selection that are churned out week in and week out by the fame game machine.

There's a lot more illuminati symbolism than just this and there's some great posts out there but in the final-financial analysis, it's the all seeing eye on the Dollar bill that is the apex of people's discomfort as it's so ubiquitous, so flagrant and so representative of who runs the occult symbolism reality road show.

Kimberly & Foster Gamble answer the huge reservations on the internet about the Thrive movie posters to my satisfaction in the interview above though it does raise the question of whether it's an example of straight up Archontic mind fuck. However the most encouraging information in this interview is where Kimberly Gamble says that younger members of the Rothschild family and other insider families that sit on the money and keep the free-energy technology back have come forward and want to open up a dialogue. A dialogue that Kimberly says will be held transparently and openly on the internet to avoid the old hierarchical weaknesses taking hold again. The Whitehouse and 10  Downing Street need to sit up and take notice as this is how it will work in the future and is personally one of my favourite strategic recommendation to make political collaboration work.

Kimberly also says explicitly that the Federal Reserve needs to be taken out and how that can't be done while the Corporations run Washington D.C.

I'm very impressed with Kimberly Gamble as it's clear she has been right at the centre of this important turning point in our evolution. It is her integrity that stands out for me as a woman who is motivated by service to others instead of service to self.

Anyone who criticizes the Gambles needs a close inspection of what their agenda is. Are they disinformation and/or are they identified. Let's not listen to anonymous smears. By all means ask civil questions but the momentum is moving and that's something the weasels will do anything to interfere with. We can identify them by their efforts.

You can download the mp3 file of the interview either here or smaller file size (mono) here.