Sunday 26 August 2012

Still Confused How Kubrick Shot Front Screen Projection For Apollo Moon Landings?

The footprint snapshot above is of both a spacesuit boot and a stagehand footprint from the Apollo 15 mission though it's difficult to ascertain if it's NIKE or Clarks footwear. The newly released clip underneath it is from Jay Weidner's terrific documentary on how Kubrick shot the Apollo moon landings.

It's a nuanced subject though so please pay attention to the words we use. 

Just because Kubrick shot the backup footage (while shooting 2001 A Space Odyssey) doesn't mean that the astronauts didn't go. 

It's likely they or later missions did, but they had to to sanitize/simulacra the footage and photography for reasons we can only guess.

It's a fascinating insight into the extraordinary lengths the system can go to if it wants to keep a secret from the sheeple back on Terra.

Some say Governments can't keep a big project secret but if you haven't considered how Project Manhatten was kept so super secret that even President Truman didn't know about the A Bomb when Roosevelt died then that's probably an important one to factor into your own analysis and conclusions.

Lots more of the background on this in the moon landing tags below.