Saturday, 17 December 2011

Seminal Project Camelot Interviews - Robert Dean

Bob (Robert) Dean saw active war duty in a number of countries around the world and held a senior enlisted rank with the US military. His testimony to Camelot stands as one of the tectonic plate shifts in Ufology. He's likeable and his knowledge of the subject is across the spectrum from the official denial pantomime, to personal off world interaction. All the sceptic has to do is suspend judgement for as long as he speaks. It's the mark of an intelligent person to do so.

Here's the blurb:

Bob Dean was one of Project Camelot's greatest privileges. As an elder statesman he is charming, eloquent and dashing, and we are proud to present this as what may be one of our most memorable interviews.

In Part One, Bob shares with us his knowledge of the UFO phenomenon and what he encountered while working at SHAPE in Europe in the 1960s: an inch and a half thick detailed official report on the extraterrestrial 'problem' called at that time simply "The Assessment". Having the clearance to have free access to the document, he read it and re-read it many times, and he tells us how that changed his life. Later, after retiring from the military, he made the courageous decision to defy his Oath of Secrecy and began to speak publicly about what he had learned.

In Part Two of the interview, Bob tells us that this is probably his last interview... and having done so, he pauses, takes a deep breath, and reveals on record for the first time that he has been contacted, and has been on board the craft.