Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Neil Kramer On Red Ice Radio - Sorcery & The End of the Fourth Age

Neil Kramer from the Cleaver joins Red Ice Radio to talk about The End of the Fourth Age, Crop Circles, Sun activity, Television & Manipulation, Paradox, Sorcery and much more. They begin to discuss the Audio Cleaver and Neil's talk at the Beyond Knowledge conference in Liverpool. Topics Discussions Include: Neil's Excursions to Avebury, Crop Circles, Star maps, Devices, What's the message of the Glyphs? Sun Activity, Mayan and Aztec style Glyphs, Quetzalcoatl And The Galactic Jellyfish, Ancient Aliens, Sun as a Jump-gate, Whether Glyphs made by Humans or "Aliens" is on a deeper level unimportant.

In addition they discuss Blue Star Kachina, Stars, Seeds, The Hopi Prophecy, Technological Path & Spiritual Path, Mayan Calendar, the end of time debate, Toxic Human Presence, The Natural Process, The Kogi, Personal Vibration, The Coming fifth Age, The Nature of the Path we choose, Perma-culture, Staying Clear of Mind Control, Healing, The Feminine Energy and much more including how fear is being harnessed by unseen forces as a source of power or energy. They talk about the influence of television and media in general and how this contributes to increasing fear in the unconscious viewer. They also talk about Witch Hunts, religion and tie it all back to the paradox of Crop Circles. 

Other topics include the Mystery of the Moon, Frequency of Consciousness, the Global Seed Vault, What is Fear? Robert Plutchik, Cognition, Swine Flu, War, Main Stream Media, Negative Resonators, the Montage Effect, Shadow Emotions, Positive and Negative Charge, Pan Dimensional Encounters, Shamanic Interpretation, Light & Shadow, The Gnostic Message of the Matrix Trilogy, Imagination as a Holographic Generator, Don Juan, Memes and what a Memeplex is, Words and Spells, Linguistics, Vocabulary, Koan and much more in this fascinating discussion of esoteric knowledge and how it can be integrated into daily lives.