Sunday, 25 December 2011

Jordan Maxwell & Jay Weidner - The Cookie Crumbles

Found at: FilesTube

I haven't been able to locate the first hour of this Jeff Rense interview with Jay yet, and of course Jordan, bless his socks, is his usual doom and gloom with a hint of Santos Bonaaci school teacher lecturing children's voice. However all in all it's a reasonable interview with the two legends and in some ways Jordan is always forgiven. He's not always right or always constructive but he has been doing it so long it's understandable he's a bit pissed off with it all. I've only got a year under my belt and that's been more than enough disappointment (and an extraordinary amount of more discovery than I can remember, so that's made up for it).

Interestingly (for me) while digging around a little for this post, I uncovered a book called That Old Time Religion, co-written by Jordan Maxwell co-wrote and which includes  references to the Archons and so I'll post it here for reference. I find it extraordinary that Jordan Maxwell is unrecognised on Wikipedia. The man is a legend.