Friday 2 December 2011

Jacques Vallée @ TEDx Brussels - Unified Theory, Melchizidek & Jungian Synchronicity

Jacques Vallée is a bona fide academic brave enough to tackle the UFO issue until his last book in the late 70's. He reached some thoughtful conclusions such as the transdimensional nature of the topic, it's overlap with comparative mythology themes, and the parallels with fairies and ancient folklore. Perhaps this was the language used before we acquired a vocabulary that recognised entities, beings and extra terrestrials as a distinct cosmic taxonomy?

Quite by chance, I started to read Jacques Vallée's book Messengers of Deception recently and was trying but failing to cut and paste his warning about galactic cults into a post. By coincidence he also mentions that issue in this presentation. Jacques Vallée also raises the Melchizidek theme and specifically draws our attention to the  Melchizidek statue at Chartres Cathedral that we've previously been alerted to by John Lash as symbolic of the Archontic virus our species is plagued by.

Jacques Vallee rarely mentions it but the French U.N. character 'Lacombe' in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, played by Francois Truffault is based on him. You may recall that film portrayed the military as breast-medal deep in off world interaction, and stopping at nothing to keep civilians in the dark.

It's a good talk, and timely too if the Higg's Boson has decided to stop hiding from us and come out to play as CERN are hinting.