Saturday, 24 December 2011

Is Louis Farrakhan Anti Semitic?

With a Maltese mother and English father my genetic origins are part Phoenician part Saxon or more contemporary I am half Semitic and half Anglo-Saxon. That's a little more robust than say European Ashkenazi claims to Jewry after conversion for political reasons as Louis Farrakhan reminds us here. However on the subject of Kosher Jewish origins, I'm always on the lookout for Sephardic Jewish links due to my fondness for the Iberian peninsula and its golden age of Arab, Jews and Christians living, working and trading together harmoniously in Southern Europe.

As I've got both genetic bases covered I feel at liberty to criticize where criticism is deserved, like the Israeli apartheid of Palestine which is unconscionable. Far more so than dubious claims to the tribe of the Semites and our distinctive traits. Here's Chomsky on the subject with a speech just uploaded in the last few hours.