Monday, 19 December 2011

Cynthia McKinney On Obama Bombing Africa & AFRICOM

There's only a handful of people that speak anything close to the truth and they don't get any studio time with the BBC, CNN, FOX or whatever. Former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is one of those people. As she put's it in this new upload interview with Global Research TV, Washington D.C only lends money to its rich friends in Africa who then spend money on the projects that line the lobbyists clients pockets.

She underlines that the Libya has been bombed back into the Jurassic period, that Obama is the first African Black president to bomb an African country and that AFRICOM is a U.S military colonial mechanism that bears no relation to the traditional solution of a peace corps. People like Cynthia McKinney, George Galloway and Noam Chomsky are seldom seen on corporate media as the truth they speak jars uncomfortably with the carefully crafted narrative of Western for profit media's so called news services. The West has systematically and deliberately strangled Africa for centuries and how it's huge mineral resources are the focus while it seeks to think through how it can counter China's strategy of developing business and trade ties with the continent. It's always service to self self self, with entities from the Pentagon like the Donald Rumsfeld created AFRICOM. If you want to see a classic piece of Western Whitewashing and propaganda google AFRICOM and look at the Foreign Policy piece. I haven't linked to it because its so crass to the educated eye and I don't want to peddle stupidity.