Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Snuff Movies We All Know & Love

In the mid 90's, Department of Defence Geologist Phil Schneider started doing presentations at UFO conferences about his role in the construction of underground bases that the military industrial complex has been building since the second world war to keep the Very Very VIPs nice and comfy in the event of extinction level events such as thermo-nuclear war. 

Phil's story was unusual and UFO related as he stumbled across that US military/non human intelligence working agreement/connection which is quite well documented and authenticated by the grand daughter of Eisenhower. Coincidentally the same person that came up with the term military industrial complex. 

Shortly after gaining notoriety in UFO circles at these talks and not before accusations of disinformation started to surface (his story is extraordinary to the max) Phil was suicided and is thus for me one of the more reliable witness testimonies on the internet. Suicided people are as good as it gets for authentication in my book and the nature of Phil's murder including torture is a little unusual.

I've only posted the clip with 2.6 million hits but there are full length presentation videos out there.