Tuesday 22 November 2011

Philip Coppens On The Ancient Aliens Question

I've always found Philip Coppen's research and opinion measured and thoughtful. However he's a big fan of Carl Sagan and I've heard reports that Carl was fully aware of some ET secrets. Here's a quote from a friend of mine who has more than a cursory understanding of the subject.

Sagan was an insider. He knew the truth about many things we discuss here. But nothing ever came out his mouth in public that didn't play down what he KNEW was the presence of ET on earth and that they should be differentiated between EBEs. His nonsense about "billions and billions of stars"...just to make the likelihood of contact seem that more improbable was just as staged as the stupid premises of the science fiction debacle he wrote. To call him a lying whore might hurt your friend's feelings but he was little more.

Well, that settles that then. However differences aside, Philip write's very well over on lots more subjects than just aliens at his website.