Sunday, 20 November 2011

#OWS - Unbiased And Unmatched Reporting You Need To Listen To

Obviously the corporate media have done a lousy job of reporting the occupy movement but I must impress upon you that the alternative media who are largely composed of web-cam news desk and blog-writing armchair-strategists (myself included) are completely confused by it all wanting to see conspiracy inside the protesters ranks and indeed the protestors are under constant attack by outside groups including the Democrats who have tried to crush the movement when their efforts to co-opt failed.

Alex Jones came out with some uncharacteristic pluralist analysis the other day that I applaud, but so far this is the best interview by two people who know a lot more than most of us are able to get our heads around. 

However they keep it simple and explain the points the ill informed public most needs to know. Watch it or remain silent on the matter.