Friday 18 November 2011

Natalie Portman - V Is For Vendetta


Lots of people still haven't seen the movie. It really is an excellent allegorical film of the times we are living in. When I first watched it a few years ago I was very surprised that Hollywood was capable of making a film that was so much in the know. Right down to the corporate TV news inventing reasons for warmongering, the sexually depraved Vatican and a compliant, silent population more interested in X Factor then the plight of the human condition. A condition which make no mistake is on a knife edge that the techno consumer fetishists are the least qualified to comment on. A failed vision of the future built on a century or more of industrialised obesity on the one hand and uncountable victims of famine on the other. There's enough food for all but the powers of divisiveness thrive off our discord.

It goes either way from here folks. Service to self or service to others and that's the only ideology one needs to champion. Not everyone is in a position to speak up as much as they wish but there are more ways to add one's voice before the internet is fully controlled than there ever has been. Don't blow your chance.

If you haven't seen this excellent movie by the Wachowski brothers who also made the eerily prescient 'The Matrix' order a copy here or if you are short on dollars there's a copy of the full film available here. Remember to be nice and buy the film if you enjoyed it.