Tuesday 1 November 2011

A Brief Introduction To MKULTRA & Dissociative Identity Disorder & Multiple Personality

Allow me to adumbrate how risky the topic of MKULTRA is. I was in an upscale bar last month and was invited to sit with the owner and a fairly large group of his friends. I really didn't want to be there but couldn't get out of it so I sat down and smiled politely thinking about twenty minutes would be OK before excusing myself without anyone being offended. As it happened the American next to me was amiable and made an effort to talk to me. I don't remember exactly why but his age, army connection and nationality were enough for me to ask him if he knew what MKULTRA was. He paused before saying yes then and never said another word for me switching conversation as quickly as he could to another person.

Understanding trauma based mind control is one of the grubbier secrets of power control. The technique might have been discovered as far back as the Egyptians who pondered a lot on the afterlife and death but it was first broadly documented during the Vatican's inquiry of heretical perversity known as The Inquisition. It was during the process of putting people through pain thresholds that split the mind that it was recorded the personality can be split as well. Normally this is to prevent the mind remembering vividly, something traumatic like being run over or stabbed as it interferes with recovery but the psychos at the Vatican thought this was useful and experimented with it as only a business about mind control can. 

The next people to pick up the trauma based mind control experiment baton were the Nazis who had good relations with the Vatican during the war and an unlimited supply of human beings to experiment on called the Jews. People like Joseph Mengele known as the  angel of death for his sickening experiments learned that by fracturing the mind through breaking the pain threshold, the brain makes a cubic like matrix of 13 x 13 x 13 = 2197 sub personalities and all of them can be programmed like a blank hard drive and activated by triggers including sound or words for example. 

I'm sure you're familiar with the expression he/she's "never been the same" but that takes on a new shape if one considers that a phone call with a trigger word can turn one of those alter personalities from a frothing madman into professor. Or vice versa.

Then when the Second World War came to an end the Americans and Russians had a dilemma. Top Nazis had all this knowledge including rocket technology to bargain with. If either side didn't play ball the other would get all spoils of war. A pyrrhic victory if you will.

So the torture and tech spoils were divided up fifty fifty with each side smuggling in the brains they wanted and releasing the masterminds who cut the deal to flee to South America. Some say that Hitler escaped to Argentina this way but officially we do know that through Operation Paperclip the rocket scientists were officially transferred to NASA and the space race was on. Dr Werner Von Braun has been mentioned on this blog from time to time.

Unofficially figures like Joseph Mengele went on to head the mind control departments of the newly formed CIA and NSA alphabet agencies and MKULTRA was perfected to the point where drugs and torture are no longer needed and it can be achieved through technology. Theoretically it would be possible to program a Mark Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, Lee Harvey Oswald or an Anders Behring Breivik to become patsy killers in a heart beat. However the one that really makes you sit up and WTF is Reagan's attempted assassination by John Hinckley Jr. His brother was going to have dinner with Reagan's Vice President the next working day. The V.P was George Bush senior the former head of the CIA?

Anyway, we all know the Bush family are complete lizards now so that's all out in the open but the reason I started to write this post was I heard about the Madness in the fast lane Swedish sisters in the video above a few months back but didn't examine the story  deeply until an interview mentioned a reasonable explanation for their behaviour could be Satanic or MKULTRA so my attention was hooked and I watched the film. It's worth it for the high weirdness and is a wonderful excuse to take people through a very superficial and incomplete tour of the world of MKULTRA. One of the grubbiest secrets I know.