Sunday 13 November 2011

Gandhi's First Protest - Lessons & Inspiration For The Occupy Movement

After qualifying as a Barrister in London Gandhi made his way on invitation to British Empire ruled South Africa where he was thrown off the railways for travelling first class. Diagnosing his identity papers as the technical source of the problem he makes his first protest by publicly burning his papers. It was his first act of dissent and typified his non violent approach. Gandhi is an incredible movie for people to watch as the storm clouds gather around the world pitching the forces of darkness and wage slave obedience against humanity. This struggle that has been going on a lot longer and with considerable more deliberation than most people who seek distraction from their entertainment and information stream could possibly begin to handle in one go.

Reality will knock on their door if they persist in ignoring the distortion of the systems currently in place to dehumanise people. They are unstable and face impending collapse.