Thursday, 3 November 2011

Gandhi, The Occupy Movement & The Amritsar Massacre

I've been wanting to watch Richard Attenborough's movie Gandhi again for a couple of decades. The recent Occupy movement has really impressed me by not responding to police violence. I really don't know if I could control my temper if I was attacked by a cop and obviously it would be me that would suffer in the long run so it's probably a good thing that I'm putting effort into other areas like writing and social media.

If you haven't mentioned it yet in social media ask yourself why.

I'm posting the scene above because it's the definitive evil-of-empire massacre part of the story. The film goes on to outline how the Muslims and Hindus killed each other before and during partition of India and Pakistan though it doesn't mention that the British set up much of this conflict as a leaving gift. More than even Gandhi ever new.

The film is excellent and so long I was caught by surprise because it's one of the few films to have a five minute intermission half way through and so I took a screen grab of it. There's a lot I could write about this movie and I took inspiration from Gandhi again and again from it. I will probably write about different parts at a later time. In the mean time I urge anyone with Occupy on the mind to watch the entire movie (I think it's all on Youtube in parts) and take time to consider what non violence really means.

Without a question Gandhi's way is even more relevant today than ever. I urge people to watch it and learn a thing or two about changing the world. A truly remarkable man and unlike any other we experienced in the last century. Is it only me that wants our leaders in loin cloths?

Update: The entire movie is below.