Friday, 4 November 2011

Elite Royals, Mechanized Killing & Industrial Warfare

Not in 1914 or nearly a hundred years later can 99.99999% of the planet's population describe why the most bloody war was even fought. A bunch of incompetent and cowardly inbred elites at the top and armies upon armies of poorly educated people suddenly triggered into violence and bloody warfare through something as simple and powerful as propaganda without the use of Television. These days it's Tripoli and barely any Westerner has the courage to look up from their Starbucks and question the validity of NATO's war in Libya. That's how normative Televisions screens are to human sovereignty. The flying infographics make it seem like it must be a good idea. Well it's not.

This ten part series on World War One was just uploaded last month. It's a Channel Four production and so far I've found it excellent. The answer to the question of why WW1 happened?  

It was manipulated to happen. Real easy to do.