Monday, 21 November 2011

Elite Reptile Endures Walk Of Shame

Chancellor Katehi like most servants and minions of the elite only realised the gravity of her actions in condoning violence by the police state against unarmed and peaceful students when they gave her the silent treatment. It's some of the most stinging criticism I've ever seen on a screen and has received a massive amount of attention on the internet. I don't think mainstream media are looping it like the did the twin towers falling because that doesn't sell wars and get your R Complex all worked up in a lizard lather.

Reptiles are cold blooded.
Reptiles show no emotion.
Reptiles don't like the unexpected.
Reptiles like ritual subservient status displays.
Reptiles often sit still in silence waiting for their prey.
Reptile are associated with crocodile tears and snake eyes.

UPDATE: Looks like the lizard has some previous form.