Friday 11 November 2011

Are Some E.T. Touchy Feely?

Dr. Stephen Greer has done Yeoman's work on documenting the massive amount of military industrial complex worker's interaction with the subject of U.F.O's and E.T. with his Disclosure Project. Unsurprisingly the Whitehouse is obliged to ignore it as by and large most E.T. interaction on this planet is via shadowy military channels and like every cigar chomping penis-envy part of the human psychosphere is an historical clusterfuck of unimaginable proportions to the newcomer who hasn't spent a few hundred hours with the data. In short the Whitehouse isn't in charge.

Stephen gets a lot of criticism for his focus on what is known as benevolent E.T. given the evidence for off planet manipulation of our species or even on planet collaboration with ruling groups. I'm easy with the idea of pluralism and uncomfortable with binary thinking so it's all good with me. To compliment this, I have a post in draft of a Dr. John Mack documentary. He studied the alien abduction issue at significant cost to his professional reputation and it's a lot harsher than the above interview. It's worthwhile having a listen to Dr. Greer above as he is interacting and teaching people to interact with inter-dimensional beings in a way that suggests all is conciousness. At the end of the day.