Monday, 17 October 2011

Just The Facts Please

All around the world people are waking up to a growing awareness that the 99% are being manipulated, bullied, pressured, bamboozled, confused, and stressed by the 1% who own the airwaves and the presses but not the internet. 

Collectively we are realising that our rulers work hard at creating rules that work against us and profit them in stripping the planet while provoking us into fighting each other. Together we are realising that we only count as consumers and work slaves. We earn elite praise just before despatching to fight their wars. We're worth least when we return from those same conflicts broken and battered emotionally and physically. The elites keep their distance. They keep their profits. They keep silent.

All the evidence in the world can't change a mind that is fixed and dependant on another mind to frame its reality. But if you're ready for a fresh look. If you're tired of the spoon fed lies and question the integrity of the 9/11 commission report

Maybe it's time to move onto solids. Use a search engine to find information that makes you feel uncomfortable. Using your own initiative is far superior than my links.

Take your time. Examine the evidence. Look inside. Trust yourself. Nobody else matters.