Thursday, 6 October 2011

Giant Human Remains & Smithsonian Photoshop

I'm not fond of posting pictures that are supposed to prove a contentious point as I think the arguments should be more cogent than just the visual evidence. Accusations of photographic tampering are not very fruitful so instead of these photographs it's the discussions I've been listening to over the last couple of weeks that have aroused my curiosity and the photos just happened to have turned up in a post this morning so I'm going to use them. 

I absolutely don't trust the Smithsonian version of history which aims to keep us ignorant of so much, and detached from the rapidly accumulating evidence for a much longer and more cosmic human history on this planet.

Yesterday's interview with Alex Putney by Red Ice Radio pointed out that for dinosaurs to have existed, the size of heart required to push the blood up a brontosaurus neck would pop that head off the end of presumably the longest and bloodiest stump in history. Either that or eight normal sized hearts would need to be lined up the neck to ensure blood delivery. That physics and biology problem was answered best so far by Clif High in the interview I posted last week in which he explains that the expando earth model is the most plausible solution for giants dinosaurs (and humans) living on our planet because gravity is reduced on a smaller planetary sphere. 

It's simple, it's very appealing and also it would explain why both the dinosaurs and the giants died out.

Update: I see the good doctor is blogging along my anti Smithsonian theme too.