Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Federal Reserve Is Neither Federal Nor Has Anything In Reserve


Closer scrutiny of the Federal Reserve is one of those subjects that too few people understand the importance of. There will never be the change needed to rectify the problems of the planet till people spend a little time with that information and unite on both sides of the political spectrum to challenge probably the most powerful institution in the world. 

It really is in your interest if you still don't understand the role the Federal Reserve plays in manufacturing money out of thin air on terms that suit its owners first, Wall Street second corporations third and then way down the list the people who actually create the value for its existence. The ordinary humans that pay their taxes, buy the bulk of property, eat the bulk of food and travel the bulk of mileage that keeps the economy turning. Dylan Ratigan explains a little more of this in his latest MNBC show above and in some ways its remarkable that a mainstream show even allows a challenge to the integrity of the Federal Reserve to come from their show. 

The topic was also covered yesterday by The Real News Network which is another source of information that unlike most of the corporate media is interested in informing you instead of lying to you at worst or trapped in a conflict of interest at best. At some point Banker Bernanke must go.