Monday 8 August 2011

LBJ Orchestrated Kennedy's Killing

Jackie Onassis made tape recordings that are about to be released. She believed LBJ was responsible for her husband's murder. This is the same conclusion I reached a while back. Working on a conspiracy 'theory' floating around the internet I researched the telephone conversations between LBJ and Hoover at the FBI and came across a surreal moment.

They're both playing to the crowd in this recording as they were prolific at bugging their friends and enemies. Noticeable is how obsequious Hoover is to LBJ but at some point in these two recordings LBJ is asked if he want's to have a bullet proof limousine from now on and he asks Hoover in Kabuki theatre fashion 'do you think I need one'. Hoover responds in the affirmative. 

It's just one contrived line too far for me.

I read LBJ's famous Caro Trilogy book 'The Path To Power' and concluded there was never a more venal President than LBJ. Even as a young boy he would use any means to secure a victory and, when all else failed, he broke down and pleaded victim to bullying despite being a bully himself. The death of Kennedy was a coup d'etat and it has always staggered me that supposedly intelligent people would read the Warren Report when like the 911 Commission it is a work of fiction and camouflage.

Already the word conspiracy is beginning to mean anything that the official power players disagree with and they have their tunnel-vision footsoldiers blindly following the media's direction, unable to think for themselves. I put it to you that we are living in the time of revelations, and that as the meaning of apocalypse is 'the unveiling' we are also living in apocalyptic times. It started with Wikileaks, is currently bringing down Murdoch and now further distorted history is in for a seismic rewiring unprecedented since the Spanish conquistadors following the Vatican's orders trashed every piece of Mayan information they could unless it was valuable enough and portable enough to be shipped back to Rome where it now lies under lock and key for a little while longer till the Papacy crumbles.

Above is the deeply inappropriate wink by Texan Senator Albert Thomas to LBJ as he is sworn in to office standing next to the tragic grieving widow Jackie Onassis. LBJ paid his debt to power by cranking up the Vietnam conflict with the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident and later mysteriously withdrew from re-election to the highest office when presumably his use to the string pulling elites who really run Washington D.C. was no longer necessary. 

It was LBJ, the oily Texan who requested Kennedy's campaigning presence in his state where JFK was assassinated. I don't believe he was the one who decided that the President of the United States needed to be killed. He was just an opportunist with sufficient influence to facilitate the matter.