Friday 27 January 2012

Kurt & Courtney (New MKULTRA Information)

Courtney Love must have clapped her hands when learning she had a suicidal wealthy husband on her hands. It was either that or murdering him and it's hard not to conclude she still opted for the latter watching this Nick Broomfield documentary which is available on Youtube. The above clip is a trailer/special edit that covers most of the ground if you're short of time.

I have a book by Kurt Cobain but other than his music this is the first time I've examined his or Courtney's character. She comes across as an odious, ladder-climbing, mutton dressed as lamb psychopath. Like a female OJ Simpson.

Update: Miranda Kelly writes about her contact with Kurt Cobain during MKULTRA programming and she draws our attention to this website on the subject of Kurt Cobain's murder by the detective most familiar with the case.

Update: Original video removed.