Sunday, 7 August 2011

James Horak - Hundredth Monkey Radio

My general rule of thumb is that former employees of the armed services or CIA (like John Lash/George Green et al) who provide inside information of a quality nature are to be treated with caution. One victim/recruit of the Montauk project is a walking encyclopaedia of human and non human interaction that checks out at every level and yet his contemporary foreign policy analysis is self evidently either disinformation or under mind control. It's hard enough trying to figure out what's going on with closed source information but becomes impossible when credible testimony suddenly starts to smell bad. Some days it's easier to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

James Horak is ex US Navy and in the last year or so has been talking about new information that is only liable to earn him ridicule from the uninformed. That alone is worth factoring in, on top of his sober manner which is convincing. I don't waste so much time now on the nature of what's the next level above the ancient elite bloodlines who have managed the drama throughout the centuries. I suspect all power structures are dissolving and so while the first hour of this interview is about elite venality, it's by an ex military employee presumably drawing a pension.

I'm less interested in James' conspiracy information as it's heavy on on gloom and thin on solutions so I'm just posting the second hour which is his unusual cosmos information which is still a possible reworking of Dr Norman Bergrun's Saturn's Ringmakers cut and pasted onto unexplained Sun activity. You can make your own mind up during that second hour as like me I'm sure you can hear his reluctance to answer some questions in a straight manner and the radio hosts are insufficiently skilled to probe further. 

That doesn't mean he is lying but it does mean he's finding it problematic admitting he did or does communicate to E.T. with a few who, when, why, what questions thrown in. His credibility isn't helped in this interview once again by outbursts of incongruous laughing and intimidated hosts who think Melville is for the avid reader. See for yourself. The link for the first hour is here if you like conspiratorial vitriol. 

I find it tedious. Fear Porn is cheap and voluminous.