Sunday 7 August 2011

Genetic Experiments Throughout The Ages

The latest Ancient Aliens episode is topical as reports emerge of human animal hybrid genetic experiments emerge in the media. I'm confident based on the reports leaking out in different quarters that this is only the tip of the iceberg with the Costa Rican Supersoldier base (complete with embryo and foetus production line) as just one example of the underground military bases hard at work building the ultimate hive mind controllers.

Not so long back I took a philosophical stance that genetic experiments and enhanced performance pharmacy were completely OK and if free will is still maintained I still do. I specifically enjoyed Julian Savulescu's 'gateway drug' philosophical thinking, but unfortunately the demonics strolling the halls of the Pentagon and Whitehall get first dip on any new advances and immediately set to work milking their paranoia with vast budgets of death and destruction. 

My stance has changed over the last six months or so. Everything must be in harmony with nature. Changes of opinion such as this are every reason why it wouldn't be wise to put me in charge. The research facilities specifically foetus farm beings with psychic powers. Like I keep saying. The elites of the world are way more into the occult than the average person and that's a secret they work hard to keep with materialist science shepherding the blinkered approach through peer review and tenure. Meanwhile deep down underground, away from the eyes of humans still connect to normality, crimes against mother nature are in full swing.