Tuesday 9 August 2011

FOX News - UFO In The Baltic Sea

This is only news for mainstream media watchers and in some ways it's instructive. It doesn't look anything like the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars but then FOX News telling you the opposite of what's in front of your nose is how they roll.

You'd think that people would be falling over themselves to get a closer look at a UFO as it changes science, history, philosophy and most importantly how we envision ourselves in the universe. Instead its relegated to a wacky piece on a mental news station though to be fair it isn't ridiculed any more though it's a matter of record that the CIA purchased The National Enquirer to have that specific effect on the public. It didn't work because so many were abducted in a 1950's exchange agreement that Eisenhower signed for advanced technology in return for alien genetic experiments on the people of the U.S.

It's probably the single most disastrous U.S. agreement ever and if that sounds fantastic you should listen to his grand daughter Laura Eisenhower talking about Project Genesis on  Mars whereby a million or so former Earth people are living to seed the next generation after the 2012 Earth cataclysm. Laura is a little frantic but then she's had a tough time by the sounds of it.